Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Green Note from the Convention

One of the fun decsions we made in Denver was to get bikes for the week. A few local places were renting. AND there was a great program called Freewheelin that operated all week long. Freewheelin is a typical bike share program (but it has improved on the process and the quality) that had set up daily bike stations all over down town. Pick up in the morning, drop off at night. It was well organized and successful. We actually rented instead of using this service because we wanted a bike for the whole week. I gave that feedback to the organizers and they said they are considering that kind of thing for longer events in the future.

Next to the Big Tent where the bloggers were, there was a Freewheelin station but there was also PEDROS the colorful van above. They were doing bike repairs for anyone in need for free! We had a flat fixed there in about 3 mins. It was great stuff.

I was impressed with the efforts to make the convention green; programs that ran from ride shares, bike shares, biodegradable take out food containers and the green carbon offsets promoted for delegates. This sets a standard that we must follow in the future for our democratic and progressive events. I hope that Netroots takes advantage of Pittsburgh convention centers very green record and programs. This is called walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

And as members of the grassroots and progressive blogosphere we need to support and promote green jobs and green business where ever and when ever we can.
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