Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Random Name That Tune. . .

Music For People Who Know How Many Houses They Own

I had fun with last week's set. I thought I'd do it again today. So, the music machine player thingie gets set on "Random." I'll post the first four lines. Try to name that tune. Artist and songwriter credits are optional. I'll be heading out to San Diego later this afternoon (gotta emergency fill in gig to play) so, if most of the tunes haven't already been guessed I'll post the answer key at Harp and Sword.

1. Got the David Bromberg part right - half point to Paul

She's got eyes like crystal water
She's got lips like cherry wine
She's got a body like fine brandy
And a soul like turpentine.

2. Anarchy in the UK - Sex Pistols - identified by Mephron

I am an antichrist
I am an anarchist
Don't know what I want but
I know how to get it


Used to live in the danger zone
Any day it could get too rough
Now I'm glad I kept holding on
Now I'm glad I had soul enough

4. Myrtle Hussain June absolutely right on Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors"

Back through the years

I go wonderin once again
Back to the seasons of my youth
I recall a box of rags that someone gave us

5. Zeke spotted the Ramone's "Bonzo Goes to Bitburg"

You've got to pick up the pieces
C'mon, sort your trash
You better pull yourself back together
Maybe you've got too much cash

6. Katster spot on perfect with artist, album and cut "Born At the Right Time" - Paul Simon - Rhythm of the Saints (first time I heard that album I said "Fuck, now every band I form from now on is going to need eight fucking drummers.)

Down among the reeds and rushes
A baby boy was found
His eyes as clear as centuries
His silky hair was brown

7. "Cakewalk Into Town" - Taj Mahal (and it might be a traditional, I'll ask one of my old bluesbuddies next one I see) Amuseinc gets the point for this one.

I had the blues so bad one time
It put my face in a permanent frown
Now I'm feeling so much better
I can cakewalk into town


Ya no quiereo que me beses ni besarte

Ni mirarte ni siquera o ír tu voz
Por que supe que ten ías otro amante
Y en Laredo ya ten ías otros dos

9. Dirty Davy Got "Dirty Old Egg Suckin' Dog" from Live at Folsom Prison by Johnny Cash

Well he's not very handsome to look at
Oh he's shaggy and he eats like a hog
And he's always killin' my chickens
That dirty old egg-suckin' dog

10. Dyin' Crapshooter Blues - Blind Willie McTell

(this one's actually one of my very favorites. unreconstructed blues. it's on the set list for tonight)

Little Jesse was a gambler, night and day
He used crooked cards and dice
Sinful guy, good hearted but had no soul
Heart was hard and cold like ice

Jesse was a wild reckless gambler
Won a gang of change
Although' a many gambler's heart he led in pain
Began to spend a-loose his money
Began to be blue, sad and all alone
His heart had even turned to stone
What broke Jesse's heart while he was blue and all alone
Sweet Lorena packed up and gone
Policemens up and shot my friend Jesse down

Boys I gots to die today
He had a gang of crapshooters and gamblers at his bedside
Here are the words he had to say
Guess I ought to know
Exactly how I wants to go
(spoken)How you wanna go, Jesse?

Eight crapshooters to be my pallbearers
Let 'em be veiled down in black
I want nine men going to the graveyard, Bubba
And eight men comin' back

I want a gang of gamblers gathered 'round my coffin-side
Crooked card printed on my hearse
Don't say the crapshooters'll never grieve over me
My life been a doggone curse

Send poker players to the graveyard
Dig my grave with the ace of spades
I want twelve polices in my funeral march
High sheriff playin' blackjack, lead the parade

I want the judge and solic'ter who jailed me 14 times
Put a pair of dice in my shoes (then what?)
Let a deck of cards be my tombstone
I got the dyin' crapshooter's blues

Sixteen real good crapshooters
Sixteen bootleggers to sing a song
Sixteen racket men gamblin'
Couple tend bar while I'm rollin' along
He wanted 22 womens outta the Hampton Hotel,
26 off-a South Bell
29 women outta North Atlanta,
Know little Jesse didn't pass out so swell

His head was achin', heart was thumpin'
Little Jesse went to hell bouncin' and jumpin'
Folks, don't be standin' around ole Jesse cryin'
He wants everybody to do the Charleston
(shouted)whilst he dyin'
One foot up, a toenail dragging
Throw my buddy Jesse in the
(shout some more)HooDoo Wagon

Come here mama with that can of booze
The dyin crapshooter's, leavin' the world
The dyin' crapshooter's, goin' down slow
With the dyin' crapshooter's blues

There you go folks. Good luck with it. I'm packing up the picks and shovels and implements of destruction.