Sunday, August 17, 2008

Burger King Has Gone 'Round the Bend

Ok, now... I have really had just about enough weirdness for this lifetime. This 10 year race to the bottom that has included things like Temptation Island, Jackass, Extreme Food and various other offenses to the human mind and soul has been pretty hard on me. But.I.DON'T.GET.THIS...

The above close up is from a Burger King tray liner. I kid you not. Porn reading onion guy about to be "examined" by the scary pickle with the surgical glove, is on the trays in burger king in at least one airport. The theme of the art is that they use strict screening of ingredients to insure the quality of their food-- but really, was this the only way to make that point?

The consumerist and The Idea Sandbox have some good commentary on this bizarre turn of affairs. If anyone goes to a BK sometime soon, grab me one of these tray liners for posterity to mark the moment when I really think the crassness of commercialism and the homeland security mess, melded together in some preposterous and disturbing metaphor for the state of affairs of 2008.

Click the image for the large size version of this travesty.

I look forward to your comments.