Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bomb Scare Near Denver's Union Station

Update 20080828 6:56pm : I have received official (off the record, but from a uniformed federal officer) word that there was indeed a "suspicious package" detonated by the Bomb Squad last night. It contained only paper. False alarm, efficiently and effectively handled by the local security services. Case closed.

Update 20080828 10:26am : in the clear light of Thursday morning we have little more information. Email reports from the Big Tent (as mentioned in comments) that there was a small explosion (reportedly mistaken for an M-80 or similar firework) and the scene was clear by 10:45 pm or so.

My interpretation is that there was some sort of "suspicious package" in the Union Station parking lot, and that it was detonated by the Bomb Squad as a precaution. Probably not actually an explosive device at all. Hopefully that means "nothing to see here" except the efficiency of the (rather overwhelming) response of the collected security forces here.

As we left The Big Tent this evening (Wednesday shortly after 9 pm) after Joe Biden spoke, there was an unusual roadblock across Wynkoop at 16th. We were directed around the block to our car parked at the far end of the Union Station parking lot (about a block and a half away).

At the corner of Wynkoop and 17th the Boulder County Bomb Squad was suiting up.
A number of calm but heavily armed men in tactical gear were keeping civilians away.

The bomb squad officer walked down into the darkness at the 16th street end of the Union Station parking lot, trailing wire behind him. Probably going to blow something up.
We went home.

Be safe out there.

All photos by Evan Robinson, Group News Blog

Updated 20080827 10:26pm : renamed picture filenames to standard, added picture of bomb squad officer in parking lot, processed pictures slightly.
Updated 20080828 10:27am : added two paragraphs at head, added parenthetical timing information.
Updated 20080828 6:56pm: added new first paragraph with official story.