Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another Interesting and Tight Race, Jeff Merkley in Oregon

My good friend from Oregon, has a post up on Kos about a critical race in Oregon. Jeff Merkley is another true progressive candidate. His current accomplishments are well laid out in the post including these hightlights

Among Merkely’s accomplishments are:
• Creating a ‘Rainy Day’ fund to shield schools and other state services from getting hit in the next recession.
• Increasing educational funding
• Increasing funding for Oregon Universities, Colleges & Community Colleges
• Standing up for consumers by taking on payday and car title lenders who have since dramatically reduced their presence in Oregon.
• Implementing a ban on junk food in Oregon schools (takes affect in ’09)
• Led historic bipartisan ethics reform to ban gifts from lobbyists, close the revolving door for legislators, and restore the independent Ethics Commission.
• Led the charge on passing Oregon’s domestic partnership law & championed a non-discrimination lawensuring that no one in Oregon can lose their home or be fired from their job just because of their sexual orientation.

In summary, he kicked ass as Speaker of the Oregon State House. Imagine how much Oregonians & Americans could accomplish with an actual legislator in the Senate instead of an animated cardboard cutout like Gordon Smith who just wastes oxygen and plays dress-up maverick!
Read the whole thing. Weigh in on this race. We really do have to fight up and down the ticket for every seat we can get. Donna Edwards called on the netroots to send her more progressives in the house and senate. She said it is pretty lonely there right now. We need to get busy.