Monday, July 7, 2008

Why Chris Matthews Will Never Be Criticized

Media Matters points out how Chris Matthews likes to tell us that WHITE America liked Hillary Clinton and BLACK America likes Barack Obama, and how most WORKING CLASS WHITE people, (as if it is the only type of working class there is.) How they probably will have a problem voting for somebody from the SOUTH SIDE of Chicago.

MATTHEWS: Up next: They're the working-class white voters Hillary Clinton won and Barack didn't. Can Obama now win over the regular folks, white folks, against John McCain? We'll ask the strategists. You're watching Hardball.
More so than Tim Russert, Chris Matthews is the chief garden party general of "The Villagers", the beltway crowd that are pretty damn sure they run the country.

To understand why Matthews will never garner any criticism for his pathetic, bullshit coverage of just about everything... just look through the high society magazine Washington Life.

We laughed, and laughed.... Ah to be young again... another shrimp canape?

Bonus! They have a search by name feature, you can look up your favorite Villager... Chris Matthews, oh that scamp!