Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday Wire

As usual at this time of the week, it's Wednesday and time for the Wednesday Wire.

Good reading list this week...

Reading Recommendations

  1. "Will Obama Inspire a New Generation of Organizers?" by Peter Dreier at

  2. "David Plouffe is the man steering Obama's campaign: The political operative is smart, competitive, frugal and confident. And he has no intention of straying from his unconventional plan to get Obama elected." by Peter Nicholas at

  3. "How Obama Could Radically Alter the Election Map This Fall" by Adam Doster at Voter registration, voter registration, voter registration. By the way; have YOU gone to yet? It's so easy!!

  4. "GOP Looks To Redistrict Itself Back Into Power" by Sam Stein at The importance of gubernatorial and state legislative elections once again.

  5. "Why some conservatives are backing Obama" by Carolyn Lochhead at Another lesson on framing as well as Obama's wider than expected appeal.

  6. "Hanging Tough with Obama When Obama is Not Hanging Tough" by Mark Karlin at . More on this week's issues.

  7. "Is Obama taking a page from the Bush playbook?" by Bill Berkowitz at

  8. "How Democrats Could turn Texas into the Blue Star State" by Bob Moser Believe me, folks, Texas is ours.

  9. "McCain Allies Find Finance-Law Holes: Governors' Fund Recruits Big Donors; Bid to Catch Obama" by Brody Mullins and T.W. Farnam at

  10. "FISA: Why we continue to fight" by Kagro X at This is the one issue I am most disappointed by since I opted for Obama after Edwards dropped out.

  11. "The Mind and the Obama Magic" by George Lakoff at, George doesn't like it either.

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