Thursday, July 3, 2008

There's only ONE Vanity Fair

Valentino celebration. photo source unknown.
Valentino celebration. Click for LARGE. photo source unknown.

James Wolcott Doesn't Need Your Money

Vanity Fair covers events ranging from the celebration of the life of fashion icon Valentino, to politics, to young and old Hollywood, to of course, fashion.

VF's James Wolcott -- a good friend of the late Steve Gilliard -- runs a terrific blog, and even mentioned a story we did on Gilly back in December.

Vanity Fair is a wonderful magazine. I subscribe because I like what they deliver.

They don't need my money, but I give it to them because I know without my money they can't pay James Wolcott, they can't pay Annie Leibovitz, they can't do the stuff Condé Nast must do each month to bring me my own copy of VF.

And they're only a monthly. Their writers (mostly) don't write back to you.

Group News Blog operates in real time. Some days more than others obviously (like Hubris' brilliant coverage of the primaries where he was updating three to four times an hour), but every day we bring you a mix: stories, reporting, commentary, opinion, long and short form articles from around the globe.

We're not going to bring you Valentino. (Although it looks like his party was fun.) But four of us are traveling to the Democratic Convention in Denver and we need your support. Not only for the convention. But because you like what we deliver.

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