Saturday, July 19, 2008

PT 2 Michael Shaw, Bag News Notes

Michael: I am going to say something similar to David, but my approach is right brained while his is left brained.

Showing Slide Show OBAMAPHOBIA

Media's treatment of Obama

1. other
2. racial stereotype
3. Closet Muslim, Manchurian candidate.

Visual Rhetoric.

Overt and veiled attacks.
Showing images from Bagnews Notes of these 3 stereotypes.
Michael showed many of these images, You can see them and the discussion on his site bagnewsnotes. I will put up a few favorites later. He ended on the New Yorker Cover.

Andrea Batista Schlessinger; Drum Major Institute

Using immigration as an example of what we need to do to restore our discourse.

We need to not get caught up in the role as solider on the other size.
We need to replace toxic discourse with an alternative.

In immigration example talking about trade and business side.
Talk about what we share in our economic interests.
I Don't think we should go on these talk shows anymore. People are not going to remember what we say or not. Jeffrey will probably disagree with this.

Creates toxic discourse.
Used Long Island Winds example.

We need to not give so much credit to the other side,
We have stories on our side of how the poliocy works toward out advantage, we need to tell our stories.

Now going to Q&A

How do we find the line between written violence and where it can turn into actual violence. To DAVE

DAVID: Hard to tell where the line is, but important that the written and spoken rhetoric is a way of building up to the real violence. We do need to be alarmed and figure out how to spot it.

Follow up discussion on how we move forward.
with examples.

From me--
Check out Drum Major, and Bagnews Notes.