Saturday, July 19, 2008

Post Kabuki Recap

Ok, full belly of BBQ after lunching with a future candidate for NYC City Council and a BlueMass Blogger- topic of the day is Nancy's theatrical performance. It was quite hard to try to live blog and just tell what was happening without giving my reactions.

Overall, I give her props for coming. And I give us congrats for generally behaving like adults (except for code pink.) I think we need more of these exchanges more often. BUT as far as this one went substance wise... well it showed the age old political art form of talking a lot and saying very little.

I am glad The Speaker came. I hope she will recognize that we really are respectful of her but we do want her and her fellow congresspeople to actually work for the people and at the very least be able to defend her decisions and explain them to the citizens of the USA. Afterall, she works for us.

Vice President Gore was wonderful, warm, funny, empowering and his calls to action were quite motivating. I do urge all our readers to check out the site he was plugging today

My next session, if I can wake up from my post BBQ stupor is going to be;

Don't Think of Violence: Framing, Media and Policy
Sat, 07/19/2008 - 3:00pm;
The panel discusses "violent rhetoric" in contemporary politics: What is it? What problems does it cause? How does it undermine media, elections and policy? How can progressives work together to move U.S. national debate past it? The goal is to bridge the divide between theory and practice and to build a forward-looking discussion. This panel is of value to those looking for innovative ways to drive the political debate and articulate effective policy.
PANELISTS: Michael Shaw, Andrea Batista Schlesinger, Jeffrey Feldman, David Neiwert

More soon, including Sausage Sandwich Photos! YUM