Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Open Thread; HaloScan; Netroots; A delay...

HaloScan is fracked up. At least where I am.

I can't see ANY comments. None. Nada, zip, none.

Using the Management Interface we pay for, I can look inside and see:

bad crap. It's bad inside the interface,
trying to get to the comments throws me back out again,
I can see comments here, but they are all old except for two,
one of them is all weird and shit. And the other one is of
Stormcrow who says "HaloScan is eating comments."

Well God Damn, that's good enough for me.

This is Netroots Nation week, were the major bloggers of the blogosphere gather together in one physical place. It happens one time a year. This year, it's in Austin. My ride picks me up in 55 minutes and I am not yet packed. I'm dealing with this SHIT.

If fucking HaloScan had wanted to blow their entire marketing budget on one thing all year, and that one thing was designed to make their new company with its new buyout and new servers look like they SUCK, it would be to go down in front of the assembled national blogosphere during Netroots Nation.

Guess what?

FAIL. Mega-fucking-FAIL.

A delay: I don't have time to put up the promised explanation of the emergency funding request. You have most of it, actually. It's only that last $400 bucks. But to do it justice will take me over an hour to write, and another hour to make sure I say it properly.

Tonight from Austin if all goes well.

Right now I have to pack before the van gets here to take me to the airport. MUCH less expensive than leaving my car in the lot for six days.

Talk with you tonight/early tomorrow morning from Austin.


Open Thread: The suckage of HaloScan.



How HOT it is where you are.

Packing in a HURRY.

Getting through TSA security.

Be cool, y'all. Don't be bad, just 'cause I'm on a plane. I will read this. If HaloScan doesn't loose this. Hmmmmm.