Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"Open Left" Guest Blogging New Topic

Part of what came out of my post called the GAP is more of the same divided groups discussing the divide. Which is what I wanted. We need to build bridges, understand each other, move forward with what we agree on and respectfully disagree on the stuff that we can't come to terms with in our own paradigms. One of our readers (thanks Aviva) Pointed me to a great new guest blogging series kicking off on Open Left. It is getting a bit overshadowed by FISA... but it is an important discussion. Would like to know what you all think. Go over, read, and report back.

This is the intro over on Open Left;

It is a great pleasure to promote the first invited post in our "mutual guest blogging" series on feminist and womanist perspectives on Hillary Clinton's withdrawal from the race -- and why this matters to progressives. Thanks to our guest bloggers -- and to everybody who's helped work to make this happen!--Jon Pincus

Melissa McEwan is the founder and editor of the political and cultural group blog Shakesville and a contributor to The Guardian's Comment is Free and AlterNet. This is her submission in response to the invitation to participate in a discussion re: feminist/womanist perspectives on the primary.

The first posts by Melissa are quite interesting and powerful. I don't agree with some of her thinking BUT I want to understand this point of view better. And that is what we need to bridge some of our gaps in our own thinking, voting, understanding and empowering of more people in the process.