Thursday, July 17, 2008

On Air Thursday Afternoon

Well, the big bad four are all in one place at the same time! Great to see all the GNB founders here together. (I love tagging along on this ride) Had a fabulous lunch and shared a "ridiculously great brownie" with Mrs. R.

Howard Dean had a rally outside. We are all so grateful to him for his 50 state strategy and the people powered movement he helped get started.

I volunteered at the Progressive Book Club table this morning and met Mr. "Nixonland" Rick Perlstein himself. Very impressive fellow-- lots of big brains here at the Austin convention center.

We are now working on signal flow with Tokyo Terri who is getting ready to start filming folks for her Unofficial Netroots Nation Podcast

More as we go along on this crazy big show.

P.S. HS and LM are very funny. I mean it, very funny.