Saturday, July 19, 2008

Next Year's Host City

Tomorrow is the last day of the Netroots Nation 2008 conference. Today was action backed and ended with a rip roaring speech by Donna Edwards and the announcement of next year's Convention!


As a PA. Voter I am happy. As a Philadelphia native I am totally pissed. Should have been Philly! Damn!.

But it will be great to have an east coast Netroots.

Aug. 13th is the kick off date.
Hopefully we will all be there with bells on.

Tomorrow morning I will attempt to do the wrap up on today. Too tired, It is all Mrs. Robinson's fault as she got us all fired up to go to hear outdoor music at Threadgill's tonight. It was the fantastic Lounge Lizards. They were talented and quite funny. I hear tell that LM and Mrs. R. even stole a moment to dance, though it was before my arrival. (no need to be jealous, ER I promise)

Anyway, I am ending tonight with happy Netroots tunes in my ears.
More tomorrow.

PS we got to meet a wonderful commenter tonight too! thanks PGMT!