Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How To Stop a Republican From Laughing

title frame downloaded from show's website

Generation Kill

Is a fine minseries being shown on HBO. It does not pretend to be anything that it is not. It is a grunt's eye view of the initial invasion of Iraq.

I was watching the last episode with my filthy rich republican uncle, who, despite his dogged desire to remain a member of the thirty percent of people who still approve of George W. Bush has been having that faith rocked hard, again, and again.

One of the very bright spots in this show is the ramblings of the driver of the Humvee that the reporter, Evan Wright, is embedded with. Cpl. Ray Person is a young marine who, while under the influence of "Ripped Fuel" a since banned body builder's supplement that was nearly pure ephedra goes off on manic rants that are beautifully profane and wildly non-sensical.

In the first episode he explained to the reporter that the war was invevitable because the leaders of Iraq and the United States were "not getting enough pussy."

In Sunday's episode while the unit was parked at night he told the reporter to "Be sure and write this down. The war's not about pussy. It's about NAMBLA. The national man boy love association."

His theory is that since the markets for sex tourism in places like Thailand is drying up the leaders of our nation began the invasion of Iraq to destroy the society and culture to a point where they can come in and establish a marketplace for NAMBLA to go and purchase young boys.

We were laughing out loud at the wildly insane and ludicrous inanities bubbled forth from the ephedra fast mind of the young man.

Then, I suddenly had a flash of insight. It flashed so brightly that I had to quit laughing. My filthy rich republican uncle noticed this and asked me what was up.

I said: "I just realized that what Person has said about the reasons for war, first pussy, and now NAMBLA, are exactly as true as anything the President, the Vice-President, The Secretary of State, the Director of CIA, and the National Security Advisor told our country before the invasion."

He quit laughing too. We sat there for a long time in silence.