Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Good Writer To Watch (when you can find him)

photoshopped image from Welcome Back To Pottersville

McCain Credits Bush For Lower Oil Prices; WH Says Not So Fast.

Jurassic Pork, is a great angry voice. He's irascible, opinionated, mercurical, and wildly skilled. He is also one of the folks on the net who has gone from someone I read and admire to friend.

This article exploits yet more gaps in the Republican version of events.

This current blog is the third manifestation of his political writing. He often, in fits of anger and despair at being so largely ignored takes it all down and says that he's finished. Then, something so stupidly insane happens that he is faced with the choice of writing about it, or exploding.

Thank god he writes. Explosions are messy.