Wednesday, July 9, 2008

GNB Food Moment

At my restaurant, we change the lunch specials every week. One new plate lunch, one new curry 52 weeks a year. Doesn't actually repeat, though we play with variations on a theme. The cool thing is, all the line cooks (not just the top chef) get to take turns coming up with the specials.

This week we are serving this...

Grilled Marinade Pork Loin on Mushroom Pumpkin Quiche with Sweet & Sour Mustard Sauce

I tried it today and it was damn tasty. Why am I sharing it? Cause I was thinking that the way we serve up lunch every week is a good way to work with people. Empower creative thinking, give everyone a moment in the spotlight, share their skill and bounty with the community, and then do it again next week. Every monday we also send our weekly special in the form of lunch boxes to an area food bank for distribution to a shelter. We serve them what we sell to our customers, not leftovers- or things we wouldn't want to eat ourselves. Not profound, but simple good common practices.



Marinate a pork loin in
Olive Oil
Oregano and Paprika

Grill on charcoal till it is cooked through and has great color!

Sweet & Sour Sauce
combine and bring to a boil
50g grain mustard
40g cornstarch
60g ketchup *homemade is best
150ml soy sauce
210ml sushi vinegar
210ml simple sugar syrup (we make it ourselves)

1/2 pumpkin and 1/2 onion slices stir fried with butter and salt
Shitake Mushrooms
800ml cream
200ml milk
tbs salt
tbs pepper
tbs nutmeg
8 eggs

Bake together till golden brown on top, in a greased baking pan (no crust) cut in squares and serve with pork on the same plate. Drizzle whole plate with Sweet and Sour Sauce

garnish with Mizuna and Curly Parsley (chopped)
Feeds a Bunch of Folks!