Sunday, July 27, 2008

Girl Scout Weed and Munchies Badge

In Syracuse IN., authorities found over 5000 marijuana plants growing at a Girl Scout camp. Maybe it is time to redesign that "Gardening Badge."

Seriously, ok, the scouts were not involved in this scheme-- but it makes great copy.

Syracuse, IN-- Two men and a juvenile have been charged with possessing more than 1,000 marijuana plants with the intent to distribute after more that 5,000 plants were found growing at a Girl Scout camp.


It is reported that authorities found marijuana plants in various stages of maturity. They also found a small camp with tents, toothbrushes and hammocks.


The campground is described on the Ella J. Logan website as having 220-acres of woods, ravines, meadows and natural wet lands. Girls swim, boat, and play-games and sing-songs at day trips and camp outs on the property. Parents were notified of the discovery when they picked up their daughters.-- Amy Beeman - AHN
At least there would be good munchies nearby. S'mores, Anyone?