Friday, July 11, 2008

Funding the Real Liberal Media

Dear GNB readers, commenters, lurkers, and stoppers-by; (Hope that covers everyone.)

Asking for money is never fun or easy. We know you are all balancing your family life, blog life, activist life, and various requests for donations from tons of charitable organizations, so we DO understand how hard it can be. The thing is, to keep sites like this growing, healthy, and productive we need a little help from our friends.

Even $25 dollars can help us make more of an impact in our corner of the blogging world. Up till now we have worked as hard as we could and have not asked for money. We promise to use your hard earned cash to keep writing our best, promoting the real stories, and growing our readership and writership. This first fund drive is really important because it is going to be hard on us all to afford to get to Denver and cover the big show in August. (By the way-- the convention starts on my birthday! talk about a party!)

LM, Sara, Doc, Hubris Sonic, Evan and I really try to bring our best selves to this blog. We work hard to think of stories with meaning to us, and hopefully to you—- and we try to give a little bit of clarity, humor and intelligence to the goings-on of our time.

I hope if you have had an ah-ha moment, an LOL reaction, a fist raising “WTF?”, a tear or two—- if you have had any or all of these from any of us, that you will take a moment today and send some love and support our way.

We promise to keep doing what we do, and keep trying to do it better.

Thanks in advance

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