Friday, July 25, 2008

Empowering Women Candidates

One of the best speeches I saw at Netroots Nation was Saturday night's keynote with Donna Edwards. She was amazing. Empowered and empowering. I had to give up the first 1/2 of the GNB dinner outing to attend, so I was happy that it was worth it. I did get to catch up with everyone for the Lounge Lizards later thank goodness.

Donna's speech is well worth a watch, when they get the complete version up on the Netroots Nation site. Donna talked a lot about the need to send more strong progressives to congress this fall. And I especially think we need more strong progressive women.

I have been a card carrying member and donor of Emily's List for years. It is simply the best way to support female candidates up and down the ticket. At the 2004 convention I went to an Emily's List luncheon and had the amazing privilege of seeing both Ann Richards and Barbara Boxer speak. It was great. Right now Emily's List is having a donor drive that includes tripling our donations. We have just over 100 days left and lots of work today. This drive ends on 7/31 so people who want to support strong female candidates should go on over to Emily's List and find out more.

And speaking of Card Carrying Liberals; a little "Youtube Who's Who done by Living Liberally.

You can sign up for your own Liberal Card here.