Friday, July 4, 2008


Love, American Style

Today, I am happy.

I am happy because I get to write. I love to write.

I am happy because it is Friday, the Fourth of July, and I am an American thru and thru.

I am happy because that fuck, Jesse Helms is dead.

And tonight, there are fireworks over the lake.

It is July 4, Independence Day.

If you haven't kicked in to our fundraiser yet (which runs through July 15) won't you consider doing so today?

Just take a moment and use PayPal, a credit or debit card, or even a personal check; we take them all. Helping GNB be independent would be a great Independence Day gift. This is the only fundraiser for ourselves we're going to do for quite a while, so every dollar really matters.

PayPal or credit card:

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We're not like the right-wing. We don't have crony-scholarship gigs and bullshit think-tanks which support J-students just out of school with endless conservative media dollars.

We have you.

No kidding, I celebrate how this works. I celebrate you. Your donations allow us to go our own way, to be, well, us.

When you donate, that tells us -- Love, American Style -- you like the job we're doing. Money talks and bullshit walks.

It is July 4 and I am happy.

If you've donated already, thank you for doing so. If you're going to donate today, thank you. And if you're not donating today, thank you for thinking about it. Where ever you are and whatever your finances allow, thank you for being part of the GNB family. We honor and respect you and appreciate your readership.

Have fun, and be careful (says the retired medic) with fireworks.