Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bring It

Orange bucket

We are aware of all Internet Traditions

For example... the fundraiser.

Traditionally on the Internet, you give away product first and build up your customer base. Only once you have a great product and lots of loyal customers, do you ask for money.

We're asking.

We're going to the Democratic Convention in August. We need your help.

The News Blog

Why we come to you

Aren't you tired of the same old song and dance from liberal money people. The GOP shits their pants at blogs, even Karl Rove is wary of them, and this is how our people think of us, treat us.

At some point we're gonna have to challenge them, call them out, because shit has to change. No point in keeping them happy when they don't seem to care about what we're doing. So we do what we have to, look out for ourselves.
Going to the Democratic Convention costs bunches. Please donate what you can.

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Our fundraising runs through July 15 and then not for a while. Thanks.