Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vote for Maggie to Attend Netroots

LOLCAT Weekly Roundup 10, courtesy of Maggie Jochild's Meta Watershed.

Hey everyone...

I just noticed (through my pain) the updated request to vote Maggie Jochild a scholarship to Netroots Nation.

Seems the available scholarships got upped from 9 to 20, and the qualifying deadline got bumped to midnight June 13.

We have enough GNB readers to help in a major way.

Meta Watershed

UPDATE: The number of Netroot Nation scholarships available has been increased from 9 to 20, and the deadline for applying/voting extended to June 13th. I've been deeply moved by the response so far -- more than I can express. But I'm hoping any of you who missed this the first time around will be motivated go here and voice your vote for my getting one of these precious windows to community contact and influence.


My readers, I have applied for a scholarship to attend the upcoming Netroots Nation Conference (progressive bloggers from everywhere), which is going to be in Austin on July 17-20. The application is through Democracy for America, and will pay admission (several hundred dollars) and lodging (which I may not need if I can get transportation to and from the site).

The nine scholarships will be awarded to "The applicant with the highest amount of support voiced on their application page by members of the DFA community will earn a scholarship. All other scholarships will be chosen at the discretion of DFA senior staff." Thus, I need your support!

Please go here to read my profile and register your support for me as a candidate. Spread the word, every vote will count. Click on the nomination box at the bottom.

Thanks for your help. I'll make great use of attending, you can count on that.

All of Group News Blog's writers will be at Netroots Nation.

Please help Maggie attend: