Friday, June 20, 2008

Virigina GOP Returns to it's "Roots"

Something ain't going so well in the Republican State Party of Virginia. They have had 5 state party chairs in 5 years, passing the job around like a hot potato. And in news this month; John Hager (Jenna Bush's new father in law) was booted from the job for not hating women and brown people enough.

Hager, who had worked on the staff of Popular Gov. Tim Warner, was deemed too centrist and the party chose Jeff Fredrick.

Frederick's supporters touted the 32-year-old as the new face of conservative leaders who could help bring people to the party in the face of all-time highs in Democratic voter registration.

Frederick, known in the statehouse for his ardent support of anti-abortion and anti-illegal immigration legislation, promised to return the party to its roots and reject the "topdown Richmond-knows-best approach" that has become unsuccessful.--
So look forward to Va. steering hard right-- especially with Fredrick supporters like Jo Ann Abbott who said,
I'm sick and tired of the bipartisan BS that means we're giving up our ideas.
Hang on for some great wing-nuttery that should be surfacing during the local and federal elections in Va.