Monday, June 30, 2008

Pentagon: Toxic Criminals

Ok, The Whitehouse won't open up the EPA email. And now the DOD/ Pentagon are resisting orders (isn't that ironic for the military) to clean up what the EPA are calling dangerous waste at 3 bases-- not to mention loads of other military sites listed as dangerous toxic dump locations.

Pentagon = America's Biggest Superfund Polluter.

Lyndsey Layton, of The Washington Post: "The Defense Department, the nation's biggest polluter, is resisting orders from the Environmental Protection Agency to clean up Fort Meade and two other military bases where the EPA says dumped chemicals pose 'imminent and substantial' dangers to public health and the environment. The Pentagon has also declined to sign agreements required by law that cover 12 other military sites on the Superfund list of the most polluted places in the country.
Maybe it's time to send in this guy.

Seriously, these guys are child-criminals. Every law breaking moment seems to be highlighted with tantrums and stubborn adolescent behavior. I can just about picture them with their fingers in the ears yelling la-la-la-la... I can't HEAR you!