Sunday, June 22, 2008

Paparazzi Mauled By Malibu Surfer Dudes

MALIBU, Calif.—A paparazzo trying to photograph Matthew McConaughey at the beach told police he was attacked by a mob of surfers who threw his camera in the ocean.

The 29-year-old photojournalist told sheriff's deputies that a large group of surfers near Paradise Cove in Malibu approached him and other paparazzi about 2 p.m. Saturday and demanded the group stop taking pictures and filming... [snip]... A scuffle breaks out after one of the photographers exchanges insults with the group and at first refuses their orders to leave.

"I'll give you a thousand bucks if you leave right now," one of the young men in swimsuits tells the photographers.

Another shoves a photographer filming the scene and still another says, "We'll draw a line in the beach, and we'll fight for the beach. If you guys win, you can have the beach." -- crAP

This is great, are there a larger bunch of human leeches than these paparazzi? Will they garner any sympathy at all? Have you ever seen these guys? They are all a bunch of pushy overbearing ignorant jackasses. Sites like are cultivating this group of people, paying them to hound and harass anyone. I agree that celebrity's trade their own privacy for publicity but pictures by fans are not upskirt shots or nightshot pictures through hotel windows. These creatures are pathetic. The paparazzi are asking anyone who filmed it to give it to investigators. Fat chance, like I said these scum garner no sympathy.