Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Larry Sinclair Arrested

It's been confirmed that Sinclair was arrested after his D.C. press conference, which apparently was more than a little bizarre. Apparently on Bunco charges...

Sinclair was arrested by DC Police after 2 US Marshalls showed up and presented a warrant from the State of Delaware for Sinclair’s arrest. Montgomery Blair Sibley, who’s had his law license suspended by the District of Columbia and Florida, and who was previously Sinclair’s attorney, reviewed the warrant and then Sinclair was led away.]

Speculation is that the arrest stemmed from a Delaware warrant, although there is also an outstanding felony warrant out for Sinclair from the Pueblo County (CO) Sheriff’s Department. --BloggerNews

What a chump, he has 2 warrants out and he holds a press conference. This guy is in line for a Darwin award.