Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Catherine Banner, The Next J.K. Rowling?

There is a young woman from Cambridge making a bit of a buzz in the publishing world.

She started writing her novel at the age of 14, scribbling down sentences as she sat at the back of the classroom. Five years on, Catherine Banner is being tipped as the new JK Rowling. Now 19, Miss Banner is celebrating the publication of her work, The Eyes Of A King. The fantasy novel - the first in a trilogy - hits the shelves today and there is already talk of a film version. - Beth Hale
Lauren Buckland, Miss Banner's editor at Random House Children's Books, said: "She is a remarkable talent and definitely a writer to watch. "She has created a brilliant book - it's got pace, great characters, and a real sense of adventure which leaves the reader wanting to know more. "She may even take on JK Rowling."

About the book;
Leo North lives with his younger brother, Stirling, and his grandmother in Malonia, a world parallel to England. His life is dismal: his family is extremely poor and it is not known if his parents are still alive. His only future prospect is to become a soldier, something Leo does not look forward to.

The steady routine of his life is broken when, one day, he finds a blank book lying in the snow. He takes it home and, magically, writing appears in it, telling him about Aldebaran, a magician, Ryan, the exiled prince of Malonia, and an English girl named Anna. From a book that his father has written, Leo learns how King Lucien came to power, and how the Golden Reign ended. Mysteriously, it all ties in with Leo's life.

Tragedy soon descends upon Leo, and he turns his back on politics and magic, retreating inside himself. But he cannot escape from the story of Aldebaran, Ryan, and Anna, and soon his world changes in a way that he would never before have thought possible.- Mrs. Magoo Reads, Book Blogger
Catherine seems like a creative young woman with a ton of talent, and a good head on her shoulders. And I was in the market for a fun summer book to supplement all of the somewhat stressful reading in what is likely to be an intense political season.

Has anyone read this one? What other fun summer books do you recommend? What's on your to-be-read pile, or your in your beach bag?