Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bloomberg and ABC Invite the Candidates to a NYC Townhall

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and ABC News have invited Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain to participate in a 90-minute, prime time town hall meeting to be broadcast live from Federal Hall in New York City, but the two campaigns said today they do not want the event to be broadcast by only one network.- ABC

So, it begins. The Corp. Media of course had to go on and point out who's idea it was first, who said yes when, etc. etc. more folly-process stories.

But I must admit I am looking forward to seeing these two debate each other. And if they truly make it unscripted questions from the audience it could be a sight to see.

The YearlyKos debate with the democratic primary candidates was great. And I thought the youtube debate was pretty good too. Much better because they were fielding questions from real people. But I am sure that they will find someway to screw this up and taint it with main stream media poison.

The blogosphere is already listing reasons why Obama should say no to ABC and NYC. (Path to 9/11 and the last debate listed first and foremost.) Not sure how I feel about it. But certainly a different style of debate would be welcome.

Update: both campaigns have refused an ABC only sponsored event.