Monday, June 16, 2008


LOLCAT Weekly Roundup 3 June 2008, courtesy of Maggie Jochild's Meta Watershed.

I hate Mondays.

The root canal went good. (Grammarians: Should that be “it went well?”, or are we colloquial enough for “good”?)

Dr. Kenji Beppu did a terrific job (about which more later.) His office staff were wonderful and wonderfully diverse (also about which more later.)

The pain from the angry nerve went away. Turns out root canals have a bad rap as the scary monster under the bed of dentistry. I will explain (also, later.)

Root canals do hurt afterwards for seven to ten days. NOT, I hasten to add in the “oh my fuck I want to rip my tooth out” or knock myself unconscious kind of pain, as in prior to the root canal. More like a serious sprain, the type you take ibuprofen for and stay the hell off it till the pain totally goes away.

So... Still pain, but healing.

And it can't be said enough, Dr. Beppu and staff were amazing. Full report to follow later this week, including explaining root canals.

Working on other stuff which I can't talk about yet.

Monday's suck in general. At least today does. However I'm working hard, accomplishing much, and hard work and completion are of the good.

How goes your Monday?