Monday, June 9, 2008

Blackwater: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

In spite of the efforts of progressive community groups to block the building of a new training facility for Blackwater;

Last Thursday, after a federal judge cleared the way, Blackwater opened a large training facility in San Diego, just three blocks from the border that separates California and Mexico.-Jeremy Scahill, for Courage Campaign
I bet these "training facilities" sure as hell don't look like this. And yes, your tax dollars are being used to fund this private training camp since Blackwater is paid with your tax dollars to fund their mercenary war in Iraq — $320 million paid so far, over 60% in no-bid contracts. Part of that contract cash is certainly being used to subsidize building a base of operations inside California. They say it is for training only and the fact that is near the border in coincidental, that they are not interested in border security contracts... Yeah.Right.