Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Terry McAuliffe is a Joke

McAuliffe is running around saying Hillary has gotten more votes in a nomination race than anyone in history and is leading in the popular vote. This is the kind of bombastic bullshit this idiot was saying when he was chair of the DNC. Lets face facts, he mismanaged the party, his "Demzilla" database was crap, and probably one of the reasons that Kerry lost. Rebuilding the voter file was one of Dean's first and highest priorities. McAuliffe spent millions on that pile of shit. I was personally handed a neighborhood walk-list sorted by first name! This a list of voters that you are given when you canvass a district, and should be in street address order. Because you have to walk the list. So, walking along calling out: "Is there a Jeffrey?" isn't very effective.

This guy presided over a Democratic party that lost seats in every election since 1992. McAuliffe is part of the D.C. consultant class that has gotten fat off of DNC money for 2 decades. They are incompetent and a pack of fools. I hope to see the end of their influence on party politics with the demise of the Clinton campaign.

Hillary Clinton is NOT leading in the popular vote. That is just plain bullshit. Both McAuliffe and Clinton need to stop saying it. It's not true.