Monday, May 19, 2008

Deceitful Editing of Bush Interview

This e-mail is to formally request that NBC Nightly News and The Today Show air for their viewers President Bush's actual answer to correspondent Richard Engel's question about Iran policy and "appeasement," rather than the deceptively edited version of the President's answer that was aired last night on the Nightly News and this morning on The Today Show.

In the interview, Engel asked the President: "You said that negotiating with Iran is pointless, and then you went further. You said that it was appeasement.

Bush's toady, former RNC chairman Ed Gillespie now White House counselor wrote a scathing letter demanding NBC fix it's broadcast of the Bush interview, saying that NBC was deceptive in its editing.

And no, they are aren't joking. We are long past the point where this administration has jumped the shark.

What about the deceitful edit of intelligence in the lead up to this war?

What about the deceitful edit of documents showing Iraq trying to buy yellowcake?

What about the deceitful edit of events showing Dick Cheney hadn't been drinking when he shot a man in the face?

What about the deceitful edit of records showing Karl Rove as the central figure in the Valerie Plame outing?

What about the repeated deceit, wherein a member of the Bush adminstration says: "I never said that", when of course they had?

What about the deceit of saying "Support the Troops", when it means they have to wade through human filth in their own barracks.

Or be shoved into dilapedated hospitals with crumbling walls, cockroaches, and a lack of care as at Walter Reed?

The list is endless, literally.

This is what the Boy Prince is concerned with, his being "edited" by NBC? This administration that has treated the media like so much silly putty, stretching the truth and using them to reproduce images seemingly from comic books. I have NBC's reply if they care to send it.
Bwahahahahahahaha, are you fucking joking? -- signed NBC News