Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blackwater Evading Taxes?

I am shocked to find out Hauptsturmf├╝hrer Prince has maybe defrauded the government and evaded paying taxes. America, God, and Apple Pie.

Lawmakers say embattled Blackwater USA, a private security firm that operates in Iraq and Afghanistan, may have defrauded the government out of millions in taxes.

The Democratic chairman of a House watchdog committee says the Internal Revenue Service disputes Blackwater's claimed exemption from Social Security and other employee taxes for contract workers.

Typical of these holier than thou types, it's all sneering Christian righteousness until you scratch the surface, and then it's how much money can I send off-shore.

These guys had the balls to try and set up a mercenary training camp in San Diego? I bet they filed for tax breaks on the property too. America does not like mercenaries, and they don't like Blackwater. The clock is ticking on these clowns.