Tuesday, April 15, 2008

William Dean Singleton, Dumbass or "Why I Hate The Media with the Passion of the Burning of a 1000 Suns"

William Dean Singleton in a Q&A with presidential candidate Barack Obama made what I hope was a mistake, though with the track record of the corporate media-- I doubt it. It underscores why our next epic fight, after taking back our government is to reform the media/news.

"Then came a brief Q & A, highlighted by a gaffe by William Dean Singleton, chairman of the AP board of directors and head of one of the nation's largest newspaper chains.

Asking about redeploying troops from Iraq, Singleton asked Obama if, as president, he could envision shifting "a substantial number to Afghanistan, where the Taliban has been gaining strength and Obama bin Laden is still at large."

"I think that was Osama bin Laden," the candidate corrected.

Singleton immediately apologized for the error. But Obama, whose name periodically has become part of the political dialogue, had two cents he wanted to add.

"No, no, no, this is part of the -- part of the exercises that I've been going though over the last 15 months," he said. "Which is why it's pretty impressive that I'm standing here."

The Times' Ben DuBose was at the appearance, and reports that this retort drew loud applause from the crowd of journalists."

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