Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday Wire

It's that time again. I recommend that you go read the whole thing, his reading list this week is pretty good. Here is John McQueen's PA wrap-up.

% Votes Delegates
Clinton 54.69 1,258,245 84
Obama 45.31 1,042,297 74
The breakout of the 158 pledged delegates:
PLEO 11 9
State At Large 19 16
By District 54 49

The numbers can still change by one or two depending on official and full results.

Clintons cuts Obama’s national vote count lead by 216K (roughly 30%) and his pledged delegate lead by 10 from 163 to 153. Overall delegate count (according to Dem Convention Watch) is now Obama 1722 to Clinton’s 1592, a lead of 130.

There are now 408 pledged delegate slots left in the remaining primaries. To catch Obama in this category; Clinton needs 281 or 68.87%, a daunting task. There are 307 remaining superdelegates who have not yet endorsed, including 2 (casting a total of one vote) from Democrats Abroad. Assuming Hillary maintains her 55% Pennsylvania share in the remaining primaries (224); Clinton would have to convince 208 of the remaining 307 (67.75%) to support her to reach the 2024 level needed to win the nomination.

None of these figures take Florida or Michigan into account.

---John McQueen.

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