Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wednesday Wire

I am still traveling and got nothing for ya... but check out the always excellent John McQueens' Wednesday Wire, here is a taste...

Dear Democrats Around the World,

This is Wednesday Wire No. 134, 9 April 2008

Topics This Week:

The Vancouver Global Convention – What’s at stake?
Pennsylvania in two weeks.
More Clinton woes, but some positives too
Attorney General Mukasey tells a whopper
Three candidates interview a general and an ambassador
Polling from upcoming primaries
Schumer’s view of the 2008 Senate races
State by State
Reading Recommendations
And finally…

1. The Vancouver Global Convention – What’s at stake?

Asia/Pacific and the Americas regional caucuses kick off an exciting weekend on Friday in Vancouver, followed by the Democrats Abroad Global Convention on Saturday and the annual Democratic Party Committee Abroad meeting on Sunday. How I wish I was going to be there! Elections galore in what has to be the most complicated voting system ever devised for Democrats. Every election category has slightly to significantly different voting rules – the best advice to delegates and members of the worldwide committee – pay attention; it’s as close to rocket science as politics gets.

Friday regionals. (Europe already had their regional in Brussels on 15-16 March where four national convention At Large delegates for Obama (Bragar of the Netherlands, Temple of Germany, Nabti of Lebanon and Stewart of South Africa) and two for Clinton (Miller of UK and Seward of France) were elected.

Read the rest at his site :WednesdayWire
His stuff about Clinton is gold.