Saturday, March 8, 2008

Montana to DHS: “Take Real ID & Shove It”

logo U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Even though Real ID won't be ready for years, can be easily forged, and even then won't stop ID theft for many reasons...

Real ID is crony capitalism through which the Bush Administration continues to loot the Treasury. The administration gives the money to big Republican-owned companies. The companies contribute heavily to the RNC and 527s, resulting in more Bush/Cheney Republicans. The results of the Real IDs along with the data itself will all be privatized and thus not accountable to Congress as it is "corporate proprietary data."

Once the databases are built, there will be a few carefully selected "oops, we're so incompetent, sorry about the HUGE mistake" errors which accidentally fuck over the enemies of the Bush/Cheney wing of the Republicans. The ID will ultimately be required for every transaction, making it easy to reconstruct where you've been, what you've done, even whom you were with.

Hello police-state in all but name.

The worst part is...

Real ID is a brutally obvious failure up-front to anyone with experience in security. It will not accomplish ANY of its goals towards preventing terrorism. Damn near any committed terrorist who wanted a "Real ID" could get one. Nothing can bring adequate signal out of the noise of trillions of transactions.

Real ID is SECURITY THEATER at maximum volume. It is a joke... against what it is claimed to prevent. It will be brutally effective for controlling the citizens of the State politically, and for transferring billions to trillions of tax dollars into companies controlled by fanatical Republicans, who will then receive contracts to privately control the security records of everyone in the United States.

Gee Gidge... having fun yet?

THIS is what Montana and other States have rejected.

Homeland Security like any group of bureaucrats whose turf is threatened, is fighting back against the impudent States who have told DHS to take Real ID and shove it.

DHS threatens that starting this May, they won't let anyone pass through airline security using a driver's license, if your State hasn't legislatively vowed to fund this steaming crock of dog-dung.

Montana refuses.

May is the cut-off.


Listen to this wonderful NPR interview (4:21) with Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer (D) as he dismantles DHS's bullshit.


Why doesn't Congress have balls like they do in Montana?

Everyone from Montana... drinks are on me. (Hyperbole. Look it up.)

h/t Boing Boing.