Saturday, March 29, 2008

Live Blogging Eschaton

I am in Philly, I just had breakfast at the Dutch Country Kitchen and am here as Eschacon08 starts up.

I got Jane some coffee. It's a good day.

First panel, is Jane Hamsher, Digby, and Atrios, and NTodd on having an impact.

I love this town.

It's getting a late start, because NTodd is playing sound engineer.

Duncan Black talking about impact of blogs. His start 6 years ago, and the defunct MediaWhoresOnline.

The media is a failure, or has failed. "How to effect the mainstream media". He is saying communicating with the media doesnt work, you have to cause "a shitstorm." He thinks we are making some progress, and Halperin is a jagoff.

NTodd is going off now. Explaining we have to find many ways to reach people. He is involved with CodePink and talks about afflicting the comfortable.

Digby is talking about the frustration that led her to start blogging. She started in Atrios's comment threads. She is talking about how bloggers create and more importantly maintain a narrative.

Good panel, conclusion seems to be we can, to some degree coordinate our message, but still have to fight tooth and nail to get it picked up by the corporate media. for example Jane Hamsher filing a complaint with the FEC about McCain breaking campaign finance law. NO ONE picked it up. No one.

12:00-1:30 Lunchtime Panel: Creating Constitutional Accountability
These guys are saying that Rove will be subpoenaed, and we will see hearings on the scandal concerning the Alabama Governor that Rove threw in jail for having the temerity of being a Democrat.