Saturday, March 15, 2008

Banking Irregularities

So, they caught Eliot Spitzer (D) with all this sophisticated banking software that tracks money over periods of time being re-structured into making payments to these hookers, right?

Well, how come...

The NRCC yesterday gave new information about the potential scope of the fraud. Mr. Ward apparently made unauthorized wire transfers totaling "several hundred thousand dollars" from NRCC accounts into other Republican campaign committees that he also managed as treasurer, said NRCC lawyer, Robert Kelner of the law firm Covington & Burling LLP. Mr. Kelner said that Mr. Ward then apparently made wire transfers from those outside Republican accounts into his own personal and business bank accounts. The NRCC has traced such activity back to 2004, but its investigation is continuing, he said.

"The evidence we have today indicates we have been deceived and betrayed for a number of years by a highly respected and trusted individual," Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma, the NRCC chairman, said in a statement.
How come, the Feds didn't have a clue that this GOP fella took $1 million out of the NRCC? But they busted Spitzer in less than a month... That sure is a head scratcher...