Friday, February 22, 2008

Turkey Shoot in Northern Iraq

Turkish ground forces have rolled across the border into northern Iraq to target Kurdish rebels said to be sheltering there.
Thousands of soldiers are thought to be involved in the operation which, the army says, began on Thursday evening after an air and artillery bombardment.

Turkey promised its force would "return home in the shortest time possible after its goals have been achieved".

The US military says it believes the operation is of limited duration. --

The Russkies used to do this sort of thing. Probe for steel. The U.S. response here is unclear as of yet. They may have given a "we're not concerned" quote to the news agencies but lets wait and see if they push back hard. If they don't, expect a lot more 'excursions' by the Turks. This is all an indication of the strain on our forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. They can't handle more complications over there.