Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Love Thang

The lovely, legendary Rochelle Fleming of First Choice (Dr. Love, Smarty Pants, The Player)—the original disco diva says it's a LOVE thang!

It's been a verrrrry busy last 72 hours for me what with a lot of work on a project I'm toiling on, and I've been a touch out of the loop. In so being, I missed out on “Blogroll Amnesty Day”.

I've never been quite certain about the whole idea of blogroll amnesty per sé, and the gnashing and carping that seemed to blow up around the premise just sort of made me a little bit sick inside. Some folks appeared to abuse it for personal gain and self aggrandizement. a small blog, I can understand the sentiment of helping out our “blogren”™ in getting out their messages, or just simply giving props to those who you maybe don''t see enough of, and who many of us take for granted.

With that, on Super Bowl Sunday as I sit here in my Lawrence Taylor #56 jersey and peek at a game I'm going to be watching piss-poor little of because of the deadlines I have to hit, here goeth the listing of a few places I feel you should check out when you get the chance.

One of the BEST resources for info on the (hopefully soon to end) WGA strike is the fabulous Mark Evanier at News From Me. This is the first blog I ever visited and I still check it out every day. I've been lousy on linking to it and will do so more often. He's a comic-book/animation/writing professional whose blog is always entertaining AND informative. Rich in rare video and great entertainment industry anecdotes. Thank you Mark, for being a gateway.

Then there's my main man tony pierce at steady-chuggin' Busblog—the second blog I ever checked out via a link from the above mentioned Mark. Tony's a wonderful writer and a singular stylist. He's a contrarian, but the man is fair, funny and is so damned imaginative style-wise that it's scary. I consider him a blogfather of mine and he's actually a heckuva nice fella in person too.

Jo Fish at Democratic Veteran is a guilty pleasure and God damn it, I wish he'd post more, but by all means go read what this progressive member of the military says—and let him know who sentcha. And you tell him to fire that reactor in him up!

Give some love to The hydra-headed blog-monster over at Corrente They rail proud and boldly shrill from their side-by-side wing chairs of keepin' it real. Click. Read. Learn. And click some more.

I urge you to check in at the blogspaces of these two lovely ladies—Maha at Mahablog, and the feisty, magnetic Zuzu at Kindly Pog Mo Thoin (and also throws down at Feministe) You share a car with people for a couple of hours on what should be a sad occasion and hear them talk and you feel better about things. They share, they comfort and you learn a lot about them. These two are smart, funny, dedicated and most importantly, fighting for the side of right—in addition to simply being lovely individuals to be with. Be with them cyberspace-wise and read their work.

Just the name “Brilliant at Breakfast” should be enough to steer you to this great place, but once you're there you'll realize that what they're serving up is just as amazing as their fabulous blog name. Do check in!

And what the living hell is my problem with not giving more props to the dynamite Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend and Pandagon. Just one of the most astute political scribes out there, who sprinkles in just enough pop-culture goodies to keep you jonesing for more. She's an addiction I just can't quit. Much like coffee. :)

By all means, go visit these blogs, comment and give 'em some love.

Back to work for me and whippin' up some filet mignon and baked sweet potatoes for the wife.

And go Jints!