Monday, February 4, 2008

First "Super Tuesday" votes cast in Indonesia

As you may have heard, Democrats Abroad, the Democratic Party committee abroad, Is having it's first Global Primary, and elects 22 delegates to the National Convention. Polls opened at 12:01 am in Jakarta Indonesia (2/5/08) last night for a special midnight voting center.

The Party Chair of DA Indonesia reports

We had a great turn out. We had twice of many people come as anticipated, great considering it was midnight voting on a "school" night.

Here are the results Barack Obama, 75%, Hillary Clinton 25%. We believe these numbers will hold for internet voting and the next voting center tomorrow. AP should be running with an updated story including percentages soon. (from the DA Chair of Indonesia- Arian

Tokyo's Voting center opens in 2 hours from now, we are busy preparing. I am serving as a voting center manager.

Voters are already casting their DA Primary vote by internet, fax, mail from over 70 countries and will be headed to voting centers in over 34 countries. The Global Primary runs between 2/5-2/12.

In previous years DA held caucuses with decent but much smaller turn out. Switching to a primary, it is predicted, will smash all previous voter participation totals for overseas american primary participation.

These are the results for the Voting Center in Tokyo, this tally is provisional, does NOT include internet, fax or mailed ballots, and is subject to ratification from the chair of Democrats Abroad.
But here goes.... (drum roll please)

2/5/2008 Tokyo Voting Center

% report =
83% Obama
13% Clinton
2% Edwards
1.% Kucinich
1.% Richardson

Thanks go to all our voting center volunteers, to the amazing voters who were so happy and supportive to have a chance to participate in the first ever GLOBAL PRIMARY!