Friday, February 29, 2008

Ed Schafer, Unqualified and Dangerous

In a surprise to no one, yet another of Bush's unqualified GOP water carriers puts the American people in danger. This time it is the fella in the post of Secretary of Agriculture.

USDA Rejects "Downer" Cow Ban Christopher Lee reports for The Washington Post, "Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer told Congress yesterday that he would not endorse an outright ban on 'downer' cows entering the food supply or back stiffer penalties for regulatory violations by meat-processing plants in the wake of the largest beef recall in the nation's history."

This cabinet post normally goes to people who have had an interest, family background and professional experience in farming—go figure?

Ed? Not so much…

His work before being in charge of making sure our food is safe to eat?
-Former gov. and more significantly GOP party leader of ND
-Running dad's manufacturing co.
-Wireless Co.
-And my personal favorite; spokesperson for the North Dakota chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a nationwide limited-government/pro-growth organization.

This idiot has decided that even after the largest beef recall in usa history, including thousands of lbs. of potentially dangerous beef that was sent to school lunch programs; we don't need to ban downer cows from the USA meat supply or more seriously penalize companies that act irresponsibly.

I am sure it is safe though, right? Because the Bush adminstration really cares first and foremost about the safety and security of the American people. (Tofu burger anyone?)