Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Democratic Leadership Passes Telecom Immunity

Well, as expected, Harry Reid has allowed this bullshit FISA bill with telecom immunity to pass the senate. Its now up to the house to stop this crap. Here is Senator Dodd:

We've lost every single battle we had on this bill [in the Senate].... We're not getting anywhere at all" he said. "The question now is can the House do better." After the bill passes in the Senate, as is expected late today or tomorrow, the bill would head to a conference. There, conferees from both houses will try to hash out the significant differences between the House and Senate versions, the issue of retroactive immunity chief among them.

However, Dodd said, if the final bill emerging from that powwow does contain retroactive immunity, he said he'd "absolutely" filibuster that bill; he'd use "whatever vehicles we can" to stop it.

FireDogLake has a petition that will be sent to the House, asking them to stand tough.