Saturday, February 9, 2008

CPAC! Sadly, No

Mister Leonard Pierce from has boldly gone where no man has gone before. He has infiltrated that symposium of morans, CPAC. Where Coulter just called John Edwards a girl again, but as funny as that dumbassed cracker here Mister Leonard Pierce chats up a "stockbroker" in the lobby of the hotel:

Why is Tony so mad?

“That fuck-stick Romney dropped out. That just leaves us with McCain.”

You don’t have any affinity for the Senator, then?

“He’s a weak sister. He won’t have the guts to invade Iran.”

Iran must be ripe for invasion. It seems like we’ve been waiting forever. But what of Iraq?

“Iraq is over. Iraq is somebody else’s problem now.”

The problem of the Iraqis, I would guess.

“Whatever. It doesn’t matter. Iran is the issue. Iran has the Islamic bomb.”

A bomb that follows a religious ideology is a terrifying concept indeed; but what about Pakistan?

“Pakistan is our ally. But even if they weren’t, Iran is the destination.”

Not according to my travel agent. But what makes you say that?

“Iran is where the money is.”

What money?

“Look, Iraq has been good to us. Everybody knows that. Construction, defense, telecoms, it’s a whole new market.”

It’s a real success story.

The "Islamic Bomb"? What the hell is that? Pardon me I have to blow the stupid out of my nose [HONK!]... That's better.

You really have to read all of his reports from rat king central over at SadlyNo website.