Saturday, January 5, 2008

Unusual is not the word I would use...

Joppatowne High School in Maryland has formed an unusual partnership with the federal government to build a curriculum to train students for careers in homeland security.

Heard this report on NPR about making a curriculum around Homeland Security with the help of the federal government. After I recovered from the chill that went down my spine, I started thinking what a very bad idea this is. It smacks of recruiters on school grounds. They bring around fancy equipment, and make the world sound all scary and dire. They attract the bullies right from the school grounds... great. I wonder when they will add in the "HOW TO TAZE 101" course.

The woman interview scared me when she made some comment about how this was good because many of their students couldn't go to college so homeland security work would be a good alternative for them. I mean, there is NOTHING wrong with not going to college but I don't exactly think we should be drafting kids who don't like school to get all jazzed up about confiscating my toothpaste at the airport.

And then there is the politics, as the gentleman said in the interview- who's view of security is being taught here????


Keep an eye on this one folks, I am sure this is just the beginning. If it rears its ugly head in your school district make a fuss! It is not enough that they are running things in our time, but they are so determined to create long term damage. This is why we need progressives running for school board and other important local posts. God help us.

link to the scary school curriculum page.
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