Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Funnies

-- by Sara

Since Jesse started this, your resident American-Canadian needs to step in and finish it.

Ric Mercer is Canada's answer to Jon Stewart. For years, he's done this schtick on his show where he asks Americans stupid questions about Canada, and records their stupid know-it-all answers for posterity. These segments have been collected into their own half-hour shows called "Talking to Americans," which run occasionally (and have been perennially popular for years) on Canadian TV.

My fellow Americans: This is how your friendly neighbours -- uh, neighbors -- to the north make fun of you when they think you're not looking.

The above video is a greatly expanded version of the one Jesse clipped below. For the record:

Canadian currency does have loonies and toonies. But no woodies.

The House of Parliament is made of stone, not ice. And it's in Ottawa, not Toronto. (And I'd bet double odds that Al Gore knows that, too.)

Poutine is not a Prime Minister, and has never endorsed George Bush. Poutine is Quebec's iconic dish -- french fries with cheese curds and gravy. (It may, however, still be smarter than George Bush -- and several of his supporters, as seen here.)

We have provinces, not states; and Members of Parliament, not congresspeople.

Canada has daily newspapers, VCRs, staplers, electric lights, domestic canines, 25 area codes, 32 million citizens, the fourth-best public school system in the world -- and the same time zones at the US. (In fact, the present system of global 24-hour time zones was developed by a Canadian, Sir Sanford Fleming.)

And Mike Huckabee is a twit. But we knew that.