Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Summer Glau Kicks Everyone's Ass

Summer Glau in The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Click for LARGE image.

The Terminators are back, and they're not kidding around.

All that stands between John Connor (from Heroes, Thomas Dekker) being killed is his mother, Sarah (played with just the right touch of paranoia, muscle and motherly exasperation by Lena Headey), and a new model of Terminator, one capable of showing emotion and talking in comprehensible sentences -- Summer Glau (most well known for her role as River Tam in Firefly/Serenity.)

Let me make this simple.

Forget Terminator 3, which we can all agree, blew.

If you liked Terminator 2 -- where this picks up -- you will like The Sarah Connor Chronicles, or as I call it, Summer Glau Kicks Everyone's Ass and looks FINE.

Available from iTunes at $1.99 an episode, and like any dealer, the first hit is free.

Highly Recommended. Monday's on FOX 9 p.m.