Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Steve Gilliard: "How To Read a 10Q” series

Gilly's Famous Financial Series is Now Available

After the Colonial Warfare series, the biggest request people have had is, "where can we get a copy of the 'How To Read a 10Q' series?"

I am thrilled to report that Steve Baldwin, formerly of Netslaves, now of Ghost Sites of the Web, has done an enormous amount of work, and restored Steve Gilliard's 10Q series, making them available for everyone:

"How to Read a 10Q" Financial Reporting Series.

All of Gilly's writings that we know of (including the 10Q series) are easily accessible through our web page The Writings of Steve Gilliard -- 101.

To make it easy to find, we have linked the Writings page over to the right, directly under the MEMORIAM header. The Writings page is also linked from Gilly's Wikipedia page.

We will continue to update the Writings page. Just drop an email and we'll make the change.

Everyone else -- want to read Gilly? Hit the link on the sidebar.

And right now, don't miss out on the 10Q series. It will teach you which of your stocks are great, and which are junk. In this economy, that's something you need to know.